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Wedding Consultation Questionnaire

Please complete this brief questionnaire and return it a few days before your consultation so we can prepare the best options of flowers, styles, designs and accessories for your special day. Please email to weddings@pflorist.com .

Bride or Groom's Name: Bride or Groom’s Name:
Daytime Phone for Bride or Groom or Primary Contact:
Email address for Bride or Groom or Primary Contact:
Dressing at (Street Address): 
Phone for Dressing Location:
Wedding Date/Day of Week:
Number of Female Attendants
(Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids or Flower Girls):
Number of Male Attendants (Groomsmen, Ushers or Ring Bearers):
Ceremony Location: Reception Location:
Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor or Outdoor?
Ceremony Time: Reception Time:
A little about you:
Favorite Flower: Favorite Color:
Least-Favorite Flower: My Least-Favorite Color:
Are you, or is anyone in your wedding party allergic to any flowers?

Please check the words that best express your personal style for your wedding

  Back to Nature
What is the color scheme for the wedding?
How many guests are you expecting to attend your wedding?
Please choose a statement that most closely
 identifies your choices of wedding flowers
I know exactly what I want!
I have an idea of what I want but would like some suggestions.
I don’t have any specific flower varieties or styles in mind – please help me choose the best values in
flowers to coordinate with my gowns and setting.
The style of my wedding will be   formal  semi-formal  informal/casual
I am interested in having Plaza Flowers create the following types of floral designs

Personal Flowers (Bouquets, Corsages and Boutonnieres)
Ceremony Décor (Arrangements, Aisle Décor, Arches, Canopies, etc.)
Cake Flowers
Centerpieces and other Reception Flowers
All of the above

How did you hear about us?
Please indicate an overall flower budget range so our consultant
can best assist you during your consultation.
(Average among all brides is approximately $3,200)
Less than $1,000
$1,000 – $1,999
$2,000 – $2,999
$3,000 – $3,999
$4,000 – $5,999
$6,000 – $10,000
More than $10,000
Regardless of your budget, we will work
creatively to provide the “most bang for your
buck.”  We pride ourselves in using our farm-
direct pricing and unique design ideas to get
the most aesthetic impact from each budget.
The thing I most look forward to in my wedding flowers is
Anything else you'd like us to know?

Some tips about your consultation and Wedding Flowers in General:

-Please take some time to peruse our website wedding flower photo gallery (www.pflorist.com/gallery), magazines, websites and any other flower sources for inspiration and to help develop your general style. Bring some of those photos along with you to the consultation or return them with this form, this will help tremendously in helping us guide you to make the perfect flower choices for you, your style and your wedding.

-It is also sometimes helpful to bring pictures of your ceremony location if you are considering floral decorations for the altar, pews or entrance. Floral decorations can range from a single altarpiece to very elaborate designs. Many facilities offer candelabras or other items for use in ceremonies, check with your clergy. If you will be using an aisle runner, be sure to ask your clergy the length of the aisle and note the flooring - is it carpeting, wood or stone?

-When considering centerpieces for your reception, ask the facility manager if any items are provided. Some facilities provide hurricane lamps, mirrors or other items that could be used alone or enhanced with floral decorations.

-If you are planning to use candles in your ceremony or reception, be sure to check on any restrictions with your clergy or the facilities manager.