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Be sure to arrange most of your plans before consulting a Plaza Flowers designer.  It is easy to discuss flowers after you have chosen styles and colors for dresses and table linens and the procedure of the event.  In most cases, it is not necessary to see your florist until 60-90 days prior to the wedding date.  Here are a few things to know prior to meeting with Plaza Flowers:

1. What does the Church/Synagogue allow or disallow at the ceremony?

2. Are there any other Church/Synagogue functions scheduled for your

wedding day?

3. What is the length of the aisle (for the runner)?

4. Are there any flowers included in your reception package?

5. Who may we contact at the reception hall to arrange delivery times

and decorating details?

6. What flowers do the father and mothers prefer?  Should the

corsages be made for the wrist or the shoulder?

7. Other than the bridal party, what relatives and close friends would

you like to have flowers?

8. When is the photographer scheduled to being shooting?

9. Bring swatches of dress material and photos of styles you prefer.

Remember... it is your day!  So, bring lots of ideas for your florist.  We enjoy being creative, but we would rather tailor the wedding decorations to each individual customer.