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Our Guarantee

We back all of the selections in this catalog with our satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, the product does not meet your expectations we will replace it promptly. All replacements are honored within 5 days of delivery - original products must be returned.

Remember to follow the instructions on the care tag for longest enjoyment.

Our Mission

The management and staff at Plaza Flowers are committed to providing top quality flowers, plants, related gifts, and services. Because of the role our products play in the expression of your sentiment, we do not merely sell products; we convey your feelings. With this in mind, we strive to serve our customers with unsurpassed excellence. We hope that our customers and the recipients of their gifts enjoy the beauty, fragrance, and cheer that our products provide. Our goal is to exceed their expectations time after time.

It is equally as important to make your experience with Plaza Flowers enjoyable and convenient. To achieve this, management relies on the friendly, knowledgeable members of our team to give you the personalized attention you deserve.

Why is Plaza Flowers unique?

Although our team of award-winning designers serves over 50,000 customers every year, we have not forgotten how important every individual occasion is. While some florists may view your order as "just another birthday bouquet," Plaza Flowers knows that this is a very important occasion to you. You are spending your hard earned money to send a greeting that you expect to invoke a positive response from the recipient. Every member of our staff is committed to giving your order the personalized attention that is necessary to exceed your expectations time after time.