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Beautiful Philadelphia Orchids Delivered Every Day

Tropical orchids are elegant and long-lasting. They warm up a room and appeal to traditionalists as well as chic trendsetters. For any occasion or personal enjoyment, orchids are a great choice. Our most popular orchids are Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium and can be hand delivered to various locations in Philadelphia. They are available as potted plants or cut flowers for delivery nationwide. For care of potted orchids, please view this helpful "how-to" video.

Using genetic sequencing and the molecular clock method, Botanists widely agree that some orchid varieties date back over 75 million years and now are enjoyed as nearly 25,000 different species. Orchids are native to subtropical regions of Asia, the Americas, and West Africa. Throughout history orchids have served important roles in cultural traditions and customs. If you are looking for Orchids in Philadelphia, stop by Plaza Flowers frequently to choose from many different colors and species.